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Hammam Spa Treatments

Sophisticated is launching a new treatment that will change your life ⁠— the Hammam spa treatment. This new and exciting spa experience is inspired by many unique ancient Eastern spa practices and provides you with steam room, massage, skin therapy and nail therapy treatments that can be found nowhere else! Drawing from age-old practices from across the globe, these treatments are custom built to nourish your body and soul, as well as eliminate deep layers of stress. This one-of-a-kind Hammam treatment will change your life! Dive deep into the awe-inspiring experience of our steam room facilities and more. Because you deserve to experience true relaxation!

Party Package Treatments

Party package come to have fun with us group of 3 or 4 books for the signature package and have express facial and Hair style on us also we will provide the cake for your celebration.
3 persons $660 value of ($915)
4 persons $880 value of ($1220)
Get ready to relax with our Turkish bath experience
Turkish bath
Get ready to relax with our Turkish bath experience! Get into a relaxing mood starting off with our steam room experience. From there, move on to our heated tables where you’ll receive hot and cold water treatments that will deeply soothe your soul. Feel soft and refreshed all over as we smother you in Sophisticated skin moisturizing products. And finally, feel deeply pristine as you are cleansed with our traditional eucalyptus black soap.
These premium services among others make up the finest line of Hammam spa treatments that can be found!
  • Achieve Smoother Skin
  • Relieve Stress
  • Feel clean and refreshed
  • Feel Stronger!
We provide excellent services for you
Hammam services

Get ready to be indulged by our premium Hammam services such as our Deep enriching skin ritual. Here, our licensed massage therapists will envelop your skin with essential oils and fresh, local botanical products. From there, you will sink into a new level of relaxation as therapists work to pinpoint and apply pressure to critical points on your head, neck, and shoulders. All this will conclude with a full-body application of our custom cream and lotion products so that your soft skin will become completely revitalized.

  • Feel Healthier
  • Impossibly Smooth Skin
  • Revive your Shoulders and Neck
  • Walk away Stress-Free!
Nourish your body
Hammam Balm massage
But that’s not all we offer. Sophisticated also offers a unique new Hammam Balm massage. Our specialized massage therapists tap deep into the pressure points of your muscles while stimulating your skin with new Sophisticated balm oils, filled with top of the line botanicals and butters. Your body will never feel so nourished.


  • Healthier Skin
  • Healthier Body
  • Healthier Life!
The History of Hammam

Hammam has a rich and vibrant history that has shaped it into the practice that many are familiar with today. Most wouldn’t expect much history from bathing and spa rituals, but the story of Hammam crosses over countless years, has had strong ties with ancient culture, politics and was even a key tool that helped a specific empire to stay in power.

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